The Mi-pod device will indicate to you when it needs a charge by the light changing from blue (full charge) down to purple (medium charge) down to red (no charge). Like other lithium-ion powered devices, we recommend using the device until you fully drain and charge your Mi-Pod twice. This method will train your battery to fully charge correctly so that the device’s internal battery won’t die quickly in the future. Always use the charging cables that come with your Mi-Pod. Charge your Mi-Pod by connecting the provided USB 1 AMP power plug to a 1 AMP wall adapter, then insert into the USB on the side of your Mi-Pod. Once the device is plugged in your Mi-Pod will illuminate the LED light. 

*Do not plug your device into a laptop, car charger, or gaming appliance. Always be sure to only use a 1 AMP charging cord and wall adapter.