If you are having difficulty with your mod- no worries! We are here to help you with troubleshooting.


-First, please make sure that the batteries are in your mod correctly (positive and negative ends are inserted in correctly).

Examine your batteries: The negative end has a completely flat surface and the green coating meets the flesh silver surface of the battery end. The positive end of the battery has the white coating inside the green coating of the battery that meets the silver nub which is located within the center of the coating. Look inside the battery port to make sure that you insert each battery correctly as seen (positive to positive and negative to negative).

-Once the batteries are inserted correctly, click the firing button (which is the button that you use when you vape/inhale on the side) three to five times quickly (depending on your mod). You should see the logo on the screen appear as it begins to power on.

-If your batteries are completely dead, insert the charging cable. When you insert the charging cable, you will see a screen appear that says 'charging' with two images of batteries (labeled A and B) and their percentages listed near the battery icons. If the batteries are inserted incorrectly, nothing will appear on the screen- it will be completely blank and nothing will happen. 

If you have any other questions or need further assistance troubleshooting your mod, please contact us so that we may help address the matters promptly.