Many times, a lost package was simply laid aside by a family member. Sometimes your postal carrier leaves it with a neighbor or it may be awaiting pickup at the local Post Office. Maybe the postal carrier forgot to leave the slip, the slip was lost or was retrieved by another person in the household.

The USPS takes mail theft VERY seriously, if you don't find the package you should contact your local Post Office and have the manager speak with your postal carrier. Postal carriers are now equipped with GPS scanners so the Post Office should be able to locate the exact delivery location via GPS data from the scanner. Using this information, they can tell you exactly where the package was left.

If the package is still not located after speaking with the Post Office, further steps can be taken. This includes filing a missing package report with your Post Office who will have you sign an affidavit that the item is missing so that an investigation can be started, and then file a mail theft report with your local law enforcement if warranted based on the Postal Inspectors findings.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact us and we can start an investigation with your local Post Office on your behalf.